DocTalk: What is an FQHC?

FQHC Week 2022

A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), as defined by the Health Center Association of Nebraska (HCAN), are non-profit, community-directed providers that remove common barriers to care by serving communities who confront financial, geographic, language, cultural and other barriers.

Midtown Health Center is an FQHC and will be celebrating National FQHC week on August 7 through 13. As the FQHC serving Northeast Nebraska, Midtown felt it necessary to educate its community on what FQHCs have to offer. As an FQHC Midtown offers comprehensive services including preventative health, dental, mental health and substance abuse services, transportation and more.

Being an FQHC, Midtown is required to have a governing board that is to be made up of at least 51% of patients. Meaning the decisions made by the governing board are made by the patients, for the patients.

According to HCAN the state’s health centers, including Midtown, save $168 million to the overall health system in Nebraska by reducing emergency, hospital and specialty-care costs. In 2021 Midtown served 7,698 patients, 27% being uninsured. Just because an FQHCs goal is to serve those underserved does not mean anyone is turned away from receiving care. FQHCs are open to all persons regardless of location, age, gender sexual orientation, race, insurance status, or ability to pay. As Midtown’s slogan states “Your Care Matters Most.”

Midtown hopes that during National FQHC week, its community will support Midtown and spread the news to make people aware that there is affordable care available to all.


Midtown Health Center’s DocTalk is a collaborative effort of the Dr. Emily Vuchetich, Chief Medical Officer; Dr. David Seger, Chief Dental Officer; Dr. Josh Turek, Chief Behavioral Health Officer as well as Midtown’s other providers. For a full list of Midtown’s providers as well as more information about Midtown please visit