Opioid Addiction is Real!

Have you become reliant on painkillers?

Midtown Health Center can help! They offer integrated care that treats patients from head to toe by bringing medical, behavioral, and support services together in partnership with you.

Our Care Leads To Success

Midtown Health Center also offers Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opioid recovery.  This creates a high level of success for our patients.

Benefits of MAT

MAT is more than just taking a medication to reduce crav­ings. MAT addresses treatment gaps by combining FDA approved medications with med­ical care, behavioral therapy interventions, and case management to address the whole patients needs.

Learn More About Midtown’s Opiate Recovery Program

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opiate use disorder combines counseling and medial treatment, with prescription medica­tions to address patients opiate use. These medications help reduce cravings and with­drawal symptoms that come from stopping opioid use, helping patients focus on other aspects of their treatment plan to recovery. Patients in the MAT program will be under close evaluation and expected to follow medical advice from the provider and their staff. Patients must establish health care at Midtown Health Center prior to starting MAT treatment.