DocTalk: Women’s Health

At Midtown Health Center we are always seeking ways to get quality affordable care to our patients. Our women’s health services have continued to grow for over the past ten years according to Mary Smith, APRN-NP.

Midtown’s women’s health includes women’s health exams, birth control, STI testing, visits regarding menopause and many other visits women might need to seek care for, according to Smith. Midtown has also offered OB services as well.

“But, we do not have a provider that could deliver,” Smith said. “So we normally would transfer OB care to another provider midway through the pregnancy.”

Now, Midtown is excited to partner with Midwest Health Partners and offer OB services for the full pregnancy. Jennifer Weinandt, APRN and Certified Nurse-Midwife, will now be available to see Midtown patients at the Phillip Avenue Clinic Tuesday mornings.

“I will do the delivery…seeing the patients (at the Midtown Clinic) assuming they remain low risk.” Weinandt said.

Any high risk patients will be expected to see Dr. Vrbicky at Midwest Health Partners to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the pregnancy.

Weinandt and Smith, along with the rest of the Midtown women’s health team will work together to make sure patients are getting the best care from the beginning of pregnancy to after birth. Patients who are unable to see Weinandt during Tuesday mornings are still able to see Smith or Kassidy Horst, APRN who both specialize in women’s health.

“I am excited to be able to extend our OB services to our patients and give them a true medical home,” Smith said.


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