Midtown Health Center Update – 3-27-20

Midtown Health Center is OPEN for business; please contact us at 402-371-8000 for an appointment.

  • Along with Public Health experts, we are urging people to practice social distancing as much as possible to limit the spread of this virus. This means maintaining a 6ft distance from others as much as possible. 
  • We are trying to assist with this by asking patients to wait for the next open receptionist when checking in and standing back from the reception desk while providing your information.  

  • We also encourage patients coming to any of our facilities to limit those attending the appointment with you to only those that must be there. We understand that at times spouses, caregivers or siblings may need to attend, we just ask you to be thoughtful of the social distancing requests. 

  • Since roughly 80% of people with COVID-19 have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, public health experts recommend that all people- even those who feel healthy practice self-isolation or social distancing as much as possible. 

  • Midtown follows the recommendations of the CDC, for those experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat or who have traveled or had other opportunities of exposure our staff will assist you in setting an appointment with one of our providers.  Please listen closely to the instructions for your visit, and to what site you will have your appointment.  

Midtown Health Center.